The World Savings Vault on Ethereum

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Welcome! This is our ETH Dapp. If you're looking for our ETC Dapp, Click/Tap Here.


We use the Digital Vault smart contract to grow your savings, with others globally.


The immutable vault pays ETH dividends to users on each deposit and withdrawal.


We use the vault to diversify savings and gain financial independence in a peer-to-peer way!

How does eWLTH diversify my savings?

Stocks Pension Gold Bitcoin (BTC) Commonwealth (eWLTH)
Pays Dividends
Available 24/7
Usable as Money
Capped Supply

How do I use eWLTH?

I use a Mobile Phone

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I use a Computer

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More Information

  • Transparent: Control and audit your savings at all times. Middlemen can't tamper with funds, or prevent access.

  • Open: Fairly leverages micro-dividends generated from deposits and withdrawals of ETH. All money stays between users!

  • Liquid: Deposit or withdraw easily any time. The smart contract works with any amount.
  • A 10% dividend is paid out proportionally, in ETH, to all eWLTH holders whenever someone buys or sells.

  • The more eWLTH are bought or sold, the more dividends are generated.

  • Every eWLTH bought automatically increases the price of the next, each one sold decreases the price.

Commonwealth.gg started as a fork of P3D, deployed on Ethereum Classic. Since then, the project and platform has been growing exponentially in investors, development and volume.

Commonwealth's new eWLTH branch is just one step further to becoming the dominant currency and global savings vault, the way Commonwealth is intended.
Commonwealth.gg prides itself on being an open-source, promotive project, regardless of the chain it is deployed on. Participants are encouraged to join the Commonwealth Discord Server, and share their experiences with others!

The Discord Server is the best place to find help if ever you need it - whatever timezone or part of the world you are in, there's a good chance someone else in a similar zone will be online near you - help is never too far away!