The World Savings Vault on Ethereum

What is Commonwealth (eWLTH)?

Commonwealth is a global savings fund, and a P2P safety net. Whenever funds are deposited, a 10% dividend is paid proportionally and instantly to every holder. This micro-dividend is used to provide scalable, long term income stability to the group as a whole. eWLTH is an ERC20-compliant token and can be accepted and used as money.

What is the maximum supply of eWLTH?

Technically, there is no ‘maximum supply’ of eWLTH - however, there is a ‘Current Supply’ - this is determined solely by how much ETH is stored in the contract, and it is impossible to create eWLTH without the appropriate amount of ETH to back it stored in the contract.

Can I trade eWLTH on UniSwap?

eWLTH is not compatible with UniSwap, because while it is ERC20-compliant, the `transfer()` function has been modified to call "withdraw()", which means a UniSwap trade contract would end up with ETH that it doesn't know what to do with (UniSwap contracts use WETH, not straight ETH). This is because while the UniSwap contract would hold tokens, it too would also earn Dividends, and as such whenever the transfer function would be used by it in a trade, this problem of "stuck" ETH would occur.

In short: No. Not yet - but maybe one day!

What is the Commonwealth Vault?

The vault is the true market cap of Commonwealth, it is how much Ethereum is locked in the smart contract. The vault can never be changed, taken down, or modified. It is open source and verified on Etherscan - we encourage public audit.

The Commonwealth vault only takes in Ethereum (ETH) and pays out ETH. If the price of ETH is $10 or $1000, the system will operate the same way. If the price of ETH goes up 10x, so will the price of eWLTH.

Why don't my eWLTH show in my wallet?

Commonwealth is a very new type of smart contract, which means sometimes it does not display perfectly with wallets. As long as you can see your funds on the official web wallet, they are safe.

What is the Price Floor?

The Price Floor contract is a smart contract that holds eWLTH. It can never sell, but it earns dividends when others buy or sell. It provides a guaranteed price floor. If you use Commonwealth on Ethereum Classic (ETC), you will know this feature as "RainMaker".

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